YUZHMASH in 2018: plans and expectations

YUZHMASH in 2018: plans and expectations
YUZHMASH in 2018: plans and expectations

The main line of activity of YUZHMASH in 2017 was remained the production of rocket and space products.

The program “Sea Launch” and “Land Launch”. In April 2017 a contract was signed between S7 Sea Launch Limited and YUZHMASH for the production of 12 units of Zenit launch vehicle, within which an order for the manufacture of two products with the delivery date in 2018 is already being implemented. An additional order for three items is expected in February 2018.

The program “Lybid” (the launch of the Ukrainian satellite). The contract was concluded in 2011. It was ordered the production of one LV Zenit-2SLB. The customer is the “Center of the Operation of Land-Based Space Infrastructure”. To complete this contract, YUZHMASH expects to receive 8.245 million US dollars from a financial intermediary – the company Briklin Limited. This will complete the assembly of the product and ship it to the Baikonur launch site for the launch.

The program “Antares” (launch of LV “Antares” from Wallops Flight Facility, USA). Works are conducted under the contract of 2008. The customer is the American aerospace and defense company Orbital ATK Inc. Within the framework of the contract it is envisaged to produce fourteen main blocks of the first stage of LV with a set of spare parts, of which ten blocks have already been shipped to the customer. Another one blocks is ready for shipment, the remaining three products are in production, the work on which will be continued in 2018.

“Antares” is intended for supplying the ISS. The annual requirement for these launch vehicles is two launches per year until 2025. YUZHMASH expects an additional order of eight new products in excess of the current contract.

The program “Vega” ( LV of the European Space Agency). The contract of 2014 for the manufacture of nine blocks of the main engine of the fourth stage. The customer – AVIO S.p.A. (Italy). The products shipped by the contract in 2017 are fulfilled. In total, together with the previous contracts, sixteen units of products have already been shipped.

In 2017 another contract was signed for the manufacture of twenty more blocks of the main engine. The procurement of materials and components has already been completed in 2017, and production will continue in 2018.

The work with the Korean Institute of КARI is conducted in two main directions.

RD 8. Contracts in 2016 for the manufacture of two turbo-pump units and a set of mock-ups of valves.

Spherical containers. The contract of 2016 for the production of fifty spherical containers with a capacity of 130 liters and ten – a capacity of 25 liters. The contract is successfully completed, the next was concluded, according to which forty-two more spherical containers should be made.

The experience of successful cooperation has become the basis of our partners’ interest in expanding cooperation.

Work with the Indian organization ISRO (engine theme). The contract of 2017 to hold until 2019 inclusive fire tests of Indian liquid-fuel rocket engines on the experimental base of YUZHMASH.

As a result of YUZHMASH’s participation in international cooperation in 2017, three launches were carried out for the Vega project, one launch for the Antares project and one launch of the Zenit launch vehicle from the Baikonur cosmodrome under the Land Launch program. All launches were successful.

We continue to make efforts to promote the market and expand participation in international cooperation in the production of rocket and space technology.

The enterprise developed proposals for cooperation for prospective partners, including:

– development, testing and serial production of LV elements, including liquid and solid propellant engines;

– development and manufacture of the spacecraft with the using components production of the partner country;

– joint creation of a light class carrier rocket and the space-free rocket complex based on it;

– the participation of partner country companies in the supply of raw materials, materials and components for the production of space technology under the import substitution program.

It should be noted that for all external economic contracts, YUZHMASH fulfills all its obligations in a timely manner and has no claims from our partners on terms of execution and quality of products.

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