Fire Test Stands

Fire Test Stands
Fire Test Stands


Stands equipment and support systems allow produce:

  • fire tests for different types liquid rocket engines (LRE), operating on low and high boiling fuel components (liquid oxygen and kerosene, amyl and heptyl);
  • testing of engine components and parts (bearings and lip seals in the environment of fuel components, turbines and model gas rotors, processed valves in low and high temperature environments).


Stands allow provide:

  • remote automatic control during preparation and performance of tests;
  • test with simulation of real operational environment;
  • high reliability of equipment and technological processes during tests, explosion and fire safety;
  • efficient emission control system;
  • neutralization to the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of engine test components and parts (for engines operating on hypergolic propellant like amyl and heptyl), a unique processing technology without disassembling (TOBR) of oxygen and kerosene engines, which ensure their processing to MPC, has been introduced.


Main technical characteristics:

  • provide test of rocket engines with a thrust from 2 to 150 tf;
  • mass consumption of fuel components up to 300 kg/s;
  • temperature control of fuel components and engine parts ±500С;
  • gas supply (helium, nitrogen, air) up to 350 kgf/cm2;
  • imitation of real operational conditions for the engines of second stage and higher in pressure at the nozzle exit – 0,01 kgf/cm2.


Perspective capabilities:

  • possibility of reconstruction of stands with the provision of testing engines with a thrust of up to 250 tf;
  • possibility of reconstruction for the operation of engines on other components.