Chemical and galvanic conversion plating

Chemical and galvanic conversion plating
Chemical and galvanic conversion plating

YUZHMASH has a full range of technologies and equipment for chemical and galvanic processing of parts and components of manufactured products.

To ensure corrosion resistance of parts made of structural steels and aluminum alloys, we carry out the following chemical and galvanic coatings: zinc, cadmium plating, oxidation, anodizing, chemical passivation. If necessary, additional corrosion resistance is increased by paint application.

Depending on the warranty period for product specialists determine the type of plating and application method.

To improve the wear resistance of steels, aluminum and titanium alloys are used chrome, chemical nickel plating and hard anodizing.

Chemical milling is used to obtain the size and weight characteristics of large parts of aluminum alloys, when the machining of parts cannot gain the necessary characteristics. We use the following methods: dipping into the solution components, jet method, or pouring the solution directly into the part.

Copper, silver, nickel, manganese plating is widely used as a solder for diffusion soldering. Silver, tin, tin-bismuth alloy plating is used for low-temperature soldering.

To protect the walls of the details of the burning at high temperatures we apply porous chromium or chromium nickel-chrome plating.

Tight of different joint is ensured by applying thick copper silver plating to the sealing gaskets.

The plating quality meets the requirements of international standards and specifications for the product.

The plating provides high operational reliability of manufactured products.