The successful launching of the LV “Antares”

The successful launching of the LV “Antares”
The successful launching of the LV “Antares”

Today, November 12 at 14:20, Kiev time, from the cosmodrome Wallops (USA) the Orbital ATK had been launching the LV Antares. The launch vehicle successfully launched the cargo space ship Cygnus CRS OA-8 into orbit.

The “Cygnus” truck, which has been launched into the near-earth orbit, will delivering to the ISS 3350 kg of useful cargo, food reserves, scientific equipment, and also will doing the recycling of waste from the ISS.

After docking and unloading, Cygnus will be used for the first time as an extension of the orbital laboratory for experiments demonstrating the capabilities of the Space Tango and Tangolab systems for research in low gravity conditions.

The undocking of the Cygnus from the ISS will take place in two weeks, after which it will separate 14 Cubsats microsatellites. On this mission will be completed, and Cygnus will perform a safe descent into the Earth’s atmosphere and fall over the Pacific Ocean.

Yuzhmash produces the basic construction of the first stage of the LV Antares.

This launch was the seventh mission to deliver cargo to the ISS, which the US Orbital ATK provides under contract with NASA.



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