The refutation of publication of The New York Times

The refutation of publication of The New York Times
The refutation of publication of The New York Times

In connection with the publication of The New York Times of 14.08.2017 “North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to the Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say” (, which is massively replicated by the Ukrainian media, YUZHMASH is declaring the following:


1. The facts, which are stated in the publication, do not correspond to reality. In particular.

YUZHMASH not only is not the main producer of missiles for the Russian Federation, but does not supply missiles, their parts and assembly units, including rocket engines.

2. The assumption of the authors of the publication and the “expert” cited by them regarding the possible connection of Ukraine with the progress of the DPRK in the development of missile technologies are not relevanting to reality.

YUZHMASH has never before and does not have anything to do with North Korean missile programs of a space or defense nature. A missiles and missile complexes of military use in the years of Ukraine’s independence has not produced and are not producing  by YUZHMASH. The only serial engine, which has supplied in recent years for export (RD-843 to Italy for the European carrier rocket “Vega”), has designed to launch and operate in the open space and by its characteristics (including the force of traction) is not suitable for use in ballistic missiles for military purpose.

3. Yuzhmash, as a state-owned enterprise, fully complies with the requirements of the Missile Technology Control Regime (, which Ukraine has been a member since 1998 (in fact, since 1995). With the approach of YUZHMASH to the issues of international cooperation can be found on the company’s website (

YUZHMASH expresses sincere regret over the article, which was published by The New York Times provocative nature, based on an incompetent “expert” opinion. The position of a number of Ukrainian media that allowed the dissemination of fantasies, which are discrediting YUZHMASH and Ukraine without attempts to clarify information directly at the enterprise is also upsetting.


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