The 70th anniversary of Viktor Andriyovych Shchegol’

The 70th anniversary of Viktor Andriyovych Shchegol’
The 70th anniversary of Viktor Andriyovych Shchegol’

Today, on 29 May, is the 70th anniversary of Viktor Andriyovych Shchegol’, the Hero of Ukraine, former General Director of YUZHMASH.


Dear Viktor Andriyovych!


Please accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday!


You have worked at the enterprise for over 40 years, headed YUZHMASH for more than 8 years and left a bright mark in the history of the enterprise.


The lion’s share of your life is connected with the production of satellites and the highest award of the country is the title of the Hero of Ukraine. However, as the head of the enterprise you worked with other space subjects successfully. During your stay and control of the enterprise, such significant projects were launched as the production of the launch vehicle “Zenit-2SLB” for the “Ground Launch” program, the liquid rocket engine “RD-843” for the European launch vehicle “Vega”, and the main first-stage design for the American launch vehicle “Antares”. Today the last two directions of production form the basis of YUZHMASH’s production program.


The YUZHMASH team highly appreciates your calm temper, friendliness and personal decency, respects you for perseverance, purposefulness and high professionalism. You have proved yourself an extraordinary organizer of production, whose experience is still needed by the enterprise. The accumulated over decades of committed work indisputable authority combined with deep knowledge of production makes you, Victor Andriyovych, one of the most respected veterans of YUZHMASH.


YUZHMASH is glad that even now you find the strength and desire to help your home enterprise in solving current complex problems. After all, your story is not only about hard work, but also about victories – there are no unfulfilled tasks or failed projects over the years of your work.


Viktor Andriyovych, we sincerely wish you good health, cheerfulness and inspiration to implement your plans.