Successful launch of LV “Vega”

Successful launch of LV “Vega”
Successful launch of LV “Vega”

Successful launch of European LV “Vega” of a light type with a space craft PRISMA with weight of 879 kg for the Earth remote sensing was performed on 22 nd March 2019 at 03:50:35 Kyiv time from Courou Space Centre in French Guiana.

Space craft PRISMA (PRecursore IperSpettrale della Missione Applicativa) was developed by a syndicate of Italian companies headed by OHB ITALIA SpA and LEONARDO SpA by request of Italian space agency ASL. It can afford an opportunity both for observation of the Earth and national environmental safeguarding in Italy. The satellite is equipped with a modern electro optical device consisting of a moderate resolution camera that is sensible to the whole visible band (panchromatic) and innovative hyperspectral sensor, after that the device can use all above-mentioned possibilities for environment monitoring, resource management, detection and classification of crops, pollution control and so on.

Main engine unit RD-843, incorporated into a liquid propulsion system for4 th stage of LV “Vega”, was developed by Design Office “Yuzhnoe” andmanufactured serially by Yuzhmash.

Yuzhmash has been participating in LV “Vega” project since 2004. For these purposes Yuzhmash manufactures liquid rocket engine RD-843, that provides thrusting and flight control of 4 th stage of a launch vehicle. The most noteworthy feature is that this engine can operate longer than all other engines together. By the way, it is the only engine of a launch vehicle that provides its running several times. On the basis of such characteristics, accurate payload insert is provided to final orbit.

First launch of LV “Vega” was on 13 th February 2012. 14 successful launches have been already performed taking into account current launch.

Launch video:

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