Rocket and Space themes united Ukraine and South Korea

Rocket and Space themes united Ukraine and South Korea
Rocket and Space themes united Ukraine and South Korea

In early July, the group of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute experts (KARI) visited YUZHMASH.

As a result of previous talks between the two companies had been contracted to manufacture and supply YUZHMASH spherical containers (capacity, working under high pressure) in an amount of 50 units with a capacity of 35 and 130 liters. Also, the contract for the manufacture of the layout liquid rocket engine RD-8 have been signed.

The first batch of spherical containers has been manufactured and delivered to the customer.

Within the framework of the working visit of the representatives of the delegation got acquainted with the production capacity of the enterprise and technological cycle of production of the spherical containers. They also visited the welding and testing site.

For the experts from South Korea were presented samples of wafer shells for the rockets which were manufactured by the special unique YUZHMASH technology. The place for the testing of liquid rocket engines has been presented as the prospect for further cooperation in the provision of services for the testing of liquid rocket engines.

These business meetings allow to understand which services YUZHMASH can to provide on the South Korean market. “Now we know in which areas we can cooperate, and what more we can offer to our Eastern colleagues. As it turned out, the scope of cooperation can be very extensive. Namely, the themes of the engine manufacturing, individual nodes enclosures, automation, the providing services on our testing base, and more. Now Koreans are closely studying our manufacturing and technological capabilities. We see that their interest in the prospects of cooperation is growing, and we hope this will result in new contracts,” – said Deputy General Director Oleg Lebedev.




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