Universal space rocket complex Zenit designed for operational and mass launch of economical and scientific spacecrafts.

Commissioning the complex allows to efficient spacecrafts launches, what is important for quick construction, deployment and restoration of the orbital group of different purpose spacecrafts.

Launch vehicle has ecological characteristic that excludes harmful influence on the environment. It is extremely important within increasing of launches quantity in the international space programs.

Zenit-3SL launch vehicle is operated as a part of Sea Launch rocket space complex composition.


Technical characteristics Value
Maximum launching mass, tone 473
Payload mass, placing into transmitting orbit, tone 6,0
Fuel and oxidizer mass, tone 425
Engine trust during the start, ton-force 740
Maximum overload during start, units 4,0
Propellant components kerosene/liquid oxygen
Total length, meter 59,6
Diameter I and II stages, meter 3,9
Upper-stage rocket block diameter, meter 3,7
Payload fairing diameter, meter 4,15
Stages quantity 3