Cyclone launch vehicle family is a space transport system aimed to operative high-precision insertion at circle, geostationary, solar synchronized orbits single or group of different purpose spacecrafts.

The original technology of full automatization of prelaunch cycle of preparation for this class of launch vehicle was developed and implemented.


Cyclone-4 launch vehicle capabilities allow exceeding main characteristics of foreign analogues and insert the spacecrafts or group of spacecrafts to the 500 kilometers high orbit.

Cyclone LV family acquired a reputation as the most reliable launch vehicle in the world.

Construction features:

  • new third degree with increasing reserve of fuel and cruise engine developed on the basis of liquid rocket engine RD861K with a capability of multiple launch;


  • new modern system of management, safety and measuring;


  • modernized payload fairing;


  • filling with propellant all of launch vehicle stages from the butt of the first stage at the launch table;


  • capability of thermostating under payload fairing space with air of high pressure when the carrier rocket lift-off is canceled.


Technical characteristics Value
Launching mass (without payload mass), kilogram:  
– first stage 127400
– second stage 51700
– third stage 13380
Propellant components at all stages:  
– oxidizer N2O4
– fuel (CH3)2N2H2
Working reserve of propellant, kilogram:  
– first stage 121000
– second stage 49000
– third stage 9120
Engine trust in vacuum, tone:  
– first stage 297,4
– second stage 99,5
– third stage 0,764