On July 21st Yuzhmash celebrates its birthday

On July 21st Yuzhmash celebrates its birthday
On July 21st Yuzhmash celebrates its birthday

Dear colleagues, I thereby wish you my sincere congratulations and best wishes!

We will always remember those who made an invaluable contribution, experience and knowledge into development of Yuzhmash. Veterans-missile experts added a lot of vivid pages into its history.

Yuzhmash team was at the beginning of a rocket and space age. The splendor of labor and civil deed of our people, knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and selfless labor were kept on present international projects of Yuzhmash.

During independence of Ukraine our enterprise moved successfully on to a work of a peaceful space. Yuzhmash participated in such unique and world-known projects like “Sea launch”, “Land launch”, “Dnepr”. Recent projects such as “Taurus” and “Vega” are quite dynamically developed.

In virtue of a well-coordinated work and efforts, crisis is overcome confidently. The matter of overdue salary debts was settled. Actual salary is paid in time. Financial profit was gained for the first time for a long time. Stock of orders is substantially supplemented, as far as we develop cooperation with India and South Korea. It is expected to a whole revival of the program “Sea launch” that has a determinative for our common future.

At the same time, challenges to be met by enterprise team are quite serious and difficult. We still need to develop production volume to provide a stable profitability and a pay rise. We need to maintain the proper quality level and implementation under the international contracts. I am sure we’ll handle our job well.

Dear colleagues! On this holiday, with all my heart I thank everyone being devoted to the plant, working selflessly for its further development and prosperity. Everyone of us needs optimism, faith in oneself and firmness to get over the difficulties.

I wish all workers and their relatives health, peace, welfare and new space achievements!


Best regards,

General Director