Official Press-Release

Official Press-Release
Official Press-Release

On 22 November a news agency “Interfax-Ukraine” published comments of the Chief SSAU P.Degtyarenko concerning the government program about handover of Yuzhmash to Ministry of Economic Development and Trade ( Unfortunately, there are some errors in the publication. Whereas a main sales production market is abroad and our foreign customers and partners have a concern here, Yuzhmash considers necessary to specify the following steps.

If handover of Yuzhmash to the other state body goes ahead it is not a circumstance of force-majeure under earlier concluded agreements. Both SSAU and other state body is not a party under earlier concluded foreign economic contracts and consequently, can’t influence upon obligations fulfilled by Yuzhmash.

According to law of Ukraine both SSAU and any other state body does not the right to interfere in economic activity of enterprises even if this enterprise is sovereign-owned.

If way out of SSAU handover happens, it also will not influence upon enterprise participation possibilities in new international projects and programs. The example is provided by “Sea Launch”, the most successful project of space field in Ukraine for the period of its independence. The project was being prepared since 1993 till 1995, when international corporation “Sea Launch Company” was founded and involved into the project practical implementation. Herewith Yuzhmash was submitted to SSAU in 1998, three years later, when manufacturing of “Zenit” launch vehicle was at final stage for its first launch from a sea-based platform. It is just one example but for its almost 75-year history Yuzhmash was submitted to space agency during last 20 years.

Yuzhmash also does not see any reasons for stable operation disorder. Space field in Ukraine existed before its handover to SSAU, when the majority of the whole Ukrainian industry was submitted to Ministry of Industrial Policy. Today such Ministry has been annulled in the system of central executive bodies in Ukraine, but all branches of industry exist nowadays.

As for Yuzhmash possible handover, the enterprise thinks incorrect to comment still uncertain decision in public from its part, confirmation of which is a prerogative of a government, so it is beyond the competence of Yuzhmash.

Yuzhmash regrets concerning the necessity to explain its opinion about it but it is important to support a degree of belief from its foreign trade partners.

Yuzhmash is ready to participate in international projects, programs and other activities of international cooperation. Yuzhmash is also ready to execute any complex tasks in the interests of the state including defense orders. We are sure that such position corresponds in the best way to the interests of the state, Ukrainian industry, space field and enterprise itself, regardless of its handover.