Final development tests of the RD861K engine

Final development tests of the RD861K engine
Final development tests of the RD861K engine

Final development tests of the RD861K engine On June 26th, tests of liquid rocket engine RD861K were successfully conducted at Yuzhmash. It was the final, second stage of finishing tests.


The work was carried out at the first test bench at Yuzhmash. During their testing, the fire test cycle was carried out, in which there were 15 inclusions with a total duration of 1601.6 seconds. The behavior of the engine in various operating modes, including the limit.


The RD861K engine was developed by Yuzhnoye Design Bureau and manufactured at YuZhMASH. This engine was planned to be used as a march on the third stages of the Cyclone-4 launch vehicle.


The work on the engine lasted from 2006, for almost 14 years, specialists of Design Bureau and factory worked out the product in proper specifications.


Successful tests completed ground engine testing of RD861K and finally confirmed the performance of the design, engine systems and components in the range of specified operating conditions.


The achieved characteristics enable the use of RD861K on the second stage of the promising Launch Cyclone-4M, the development of which is now goes on.


Successful completion of development tests is not just the end of important stage of work, this is a significant event in the life of the enterprise team, who once again proved its professionalism and ability to solve complex problems perfectly.


YUZHMASH continues active cooperation with CB Yuzhnoye in development and testing of new models of rocket and space technology. As it was previously reported:

Planned vibration-functional tests of the head fairing of the Cyclone-4 launch vehicle.


It was the 7000th product, of the third stage, manufactured and sent to the fire tests.

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