Congratulations to the New 2018 year

Congratulations to the New 2018 year
Congratulations to the New 2018 year

Dear colleagues and friends!


The outgoing year of 2017 was not easy. YUZHMASH was still in a state of crisis, but it was already firmly on the way to overcoming it. This was made possible by a combination of many factors.

Firstly, the powerful state support, which began at the end of last year, made itself felt. Effective measures of a regulatory nature and direct financial support from the budget created conditions that greatly facilitated the situation at the enterprise and allowed to continue production activities.

Secondly, the important role was played by the efforts of YUZHMASH to change the order of entering the foreign markets. The shift of emphasis to direct contacts and the conclusion of direct contracts with consumers of our products allowed us to load the production, which is the main task on the road to final overcoming the crisis.

Thirdly, it is the trust of our customers who have not lost faith in the capabilities of YUZHMASH, its reputation as a responsible and compulsory manufacturer of reliable rocket and space technology.

Fourthly, the team of YUZHMASH, its backbone, which retained faith in itself, in the enterprise and in its management showed the best part of itself. Not being distracted by attempts to draw oneself into social conflicts, not being tempted by offers of better conditions, people who make up the color of Ukrainian space engineering have persistently done their work. And it was their perseverance and patience that began to bear fruit.

YUZHMASH, as before, is the largest manufacturer of rocket and space technology in Ukraine, preserves and develops its main activity profile. This is evidenced by the expanding and deepening participation of YUZHMASH in various international projects and programs. These are the “Sea Launch” and “Land Launch”, “Lybid”, “Antares”, “Vega”, cooperation with “KARI” (Republic of Korea) and “ISRO” (India).

In all these areas, YUZHMASH fully fulfills its obligations, not allowing any delays in its fault, nor claims for product quality.

As a result of Yuzhmash’s participation in international cooperation in 2017, three launches were carried out for the “Vega” project and one launch for the “Antares” project. All launches were successful.

Today the “Zenit” launch vehicle is expected to be lift-off from the Baikonur cosmodrome under the Land Launch program.

Meanwhile, the New Year and the Christmas are just around the corner and on the eve of the holiday, we want to wish everyone something special.

Our State – of peace and the continuing development!

Our customers – successful launches, responsible suppliers, stable operation and prosperous business!

Our partners in cooperation are alliances around common interests, mutual understanding and success in the common cause!

Our employees – the end of the crisis, a lot of interesting work and confidence in the future!

And, of course, YUZHMASH wishes all important things for everyone – health and just human happiness!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!


Sergii Voyt, CEO