About the international cooperation policy

About the international cooperation policy
About the international cooperation policy

YUZHMASH had got received the requests from the media to confirm or refute the fact of negotiating with China about the restructuring of the lunar lander module and the possible transfer of the project documentation, also about any other negotiations with China, including the topics mentioned in the article on technology transfer and assistance in the organization production of rocket and space technology and its individual components, after the publication (https://goo.gl/23Azw1) on the website of the authoritative publication Popular Mechanics of the article “Long Abandoned Soviet Tech Might Help China Land on the Moon”.

In this connection, YUZHMASH declares that it has not participated in any negotiations with China regarding cooperation on the lunar program and has no information about them. YUZHMASH have never also involved earlier in such negotiations. Therefore, for more information contact to a prospective participants in the negotiations mentioned directly in the article.

The principal position of YUZHMASH is as follows. Ukraine is a participant in the world market for the production of rocket and space technology. Ukraine has a full cycle of production of such equipment, including launching complexes, launch vehicles, spacecraft and ground control stations. At the same time, Ukraine is not in the full sense a space power, because It still has no way of independently launching missiles into outer space. All this is determines the only opportunity for Ukraine to provide a presence in the market of space technology – participation in international projects and programs for the peaceful exploration of outer space. Therefore, YUZHMASH welcomes any efforts to expand the participation of Ukrainian enterprises in international cooperation in the field of space activities.

At the same time, any transfer of technology to other countries for the organization of production of rocket and space technology is, in the opinion of YUZHMASH, inexpedient, as it objectively narrows the market prospects of Ukraine as a producer. Given the fact that the vast majority of such technologies can be used to produce military equipment, their transfer is also unacceptable.

Aware of its responsibility, YUZHMASH have not participated, does not participate and will not participatet in any cooperation involving the transfer of potentially dangerous technologies outside Ukraine.

YUZHMASH considers the production of rocket and space technology on the territory of Ukraine with its subsequent use in projects and programs with obviously peaceful purposes an acceptable alternative.


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