72 th anniversary YUZHMASH

72 th anniversary YUZHMASH
72 th anniversary YUZHMASH

Distinguished colleagues, dear friends!

Please accept sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 72 anniversary of the founding of the State Enterprise “Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov”.

Ukraine has entered and is among the world’s leading rocketry, thanks to the contribution of the employees of the enterprise in research and development of advanced technologies, and also the manufacturing of the latest rocket and space technology.

For years of work of the enterprise clearly visible the great labor and civil feat of people whose knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and selfless work had allowed YUZHMASH become a full member of many famous international space programs. The four generations of the unique samples of carrier rockets, more than 400 spacecraft for various purposes were created at the enterprise. The numerous types of civilian products: agricultural machinery, urban transport, wind power installations, products for the aviation industry were mastered. In cooperation with the world’s leading space companies the enterprise reached a new, higher level by participating in such well-known and unique projects as “Sea Launch” “Land Launch”, “Dnepr”, “Vega”, “Antares”, “Cyclone 4”.

Today YUZHMASH continues its production activities in the framework of the concluded contracts and is actively searching for the business partners on new markets.

Much attention is paid to social and economic protection of employees. The company’s administration together with the trade union committee of YUZHMASH approved the updated benefits package in order to attract and retain on YUZHMASH the young workers, engineers and technical workers and other professionals. The salary was increased this May.

By the day’s Birthday the Board of honor was updated on it posted photos of the 48 best employees of the enterprise of 2016.

The mutually beneficial relationships with numerous partners in the the manufacturing and testing the rocket and space and civilian products, the unique technical base – all these allow us to set ourselves new goals and confidently go to their implementation.

The enterprise collective will always remember those who have made a valuable contribution, experience, knowledge in the creation of YUZHMASH, the glorious veterans of rocketry, wich added many bright pages in its history.

Dearest workers of YUZHMASH! On this festive day, we want thank everyone who are working hard and professionally to achieve new space victories. We wish to everyone the optimism and faith in the best prospects, persistence in overcoming difficulties, peace and prosperity.



Administration of the enterprise YUZHMASH