Turbo-pump assemblies for liquid rocket engines ensure uninterrupted supply of required number of components in the combustion chamber under the given pressure with high efficiency. This provides a stable operation of the engine in all modes.

When manufacturing and assembling of turbine-pump assembly effective methods of quality control are used, such as: flaw and X-ray detection, magnaflux inspection, hydraulic and pneumatic testing, testing of air-helium mixture, etc.

YUZHMASH is looking for cooperation with new customers and is ready to develop the necessary pumping equipment according to individual technical and operational requirements.


Technical characteristics Value
Rotational frequency, rpm 34000
Thrust of pump , kgf/cm2:

– oxidizer

– fuel




Pump power, hp:

– oxidizer

– fuel




Turbine inlet temperature, К 1153
Gas flow through the turbine, kg/s 0,798
Turbine power, hp 641,8