The satellite is designed for the Earth remote sensing in the visible, near and mid-infrared wavelengths, as well as monitoring parameters of the Earth’s ionosphere.

Application of the satellite:

  • monitoring of natural resources conservation, technological and natural disasters;
  • solving the problems of agriculture, land use, urban development, monitoring and evaluation of environmental pollution, the use of survey data for the production of digital maps;
  • information support for senior military and political management;
  • international cooperation in the sphere of the Earth remote sensing to address global and national issues through the exchange of satellite data;
  • diagnostics of natural and man-caused disasters (including seismic);
  • diagnostics of gaz-plasma and electrodynamic characteristics of geospace.

Launch vehicle “Dnepr” carries out the satellite into orbit.


Technical characteristics Value
Platform mass, kg

Payload mass, kg



Orbital altitude, km 668
Orbital iclination, deg 98,088
Spatial resolution, m 7,8
Maximum power, W 372
Daily-average power, W 59
Spectral ranges, mkm 1,55-1,7
Swath width, km 46,6
Active lifetime, years 5