Stampings and forgings are manufactured ​​of carbon, alloy, heat-resistant and heat-resistant alloys and steels as well as of aluminum, copper, titanium and niobium alloys.

Forgings weight up to 300 kg.

Range of products: pierced rings, inker, round work units, single and multi- diameter shafts, smooth, squares, rectangles.

Hot forging (hammer, press, upset forging machine) of all kinds of configuration can range in weight from 100 g to 25 kg.

Range of products: fittings, enclosures, holders, gears, brackets, pins, levers, etc.


Types of forging Maximum weight, t
Forgings of single-diameter shafts no more than 2
Forgings of shafts with stupas no more than 2
Forgings of hollow shaft no more than 2
Forgings of multi-diameter shafts no more than 2
Forging of gears, disks with and without holes no more than 0,3
Inker ring no more than 0,3
Blocks, ingots no more than 2
Bushings with ledges, made in the jar washer (with or without holes) no more than 0,02