Announcement of Interpipe TechFest 2019 festival

15 of October 2019

Yuzhmash invites all interested persons to visit the festival of science, engineering and modern technologies named Interpipe TechFest that will take place on October 19-20, 2019 in Lavina entertaining complex (20 Kosmicheskaya st., Dnipro). 


We suppose that many of you visited the festival last year and had a great time. This year it will be even more interesting! 


Yuzhmash’s specialists have prepared an interesting exposition and we hope it will leave neither children nor adults indifferent.


This year Yuzhmash will present products which are exclusive for visitors of the festival. The exposition area will be divided into three sections so that every visitor can find something interesting for himself.


On the Yuzhmash’s stand you will be able to see unique space technologies and its components:

- theEarthremotesensingmicrosatellite МС-1;

- the first Ukrainian satellite Sich-1M;

- auniquecombustionchamberofRD-8 liquidengine (forZenit-2 launchvehicle), whichpassedfiretests;

- DU-802 propulsion system which is used in orbital area of Dnepr LV flight path.

- an originalmockupoftitaniclandinggearsforAn-140 airplane.

- displacement compensators of pipeline elements (bellows);

- a high pressure bottle - a vessel operating under high pressure straight on the board of a launch vehicle.




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