The 7000th article is manufactured

17 of May 2019

In early of May the 7000th article the third Stage of medium-class launch vehicle Cyclone-4 was manufactured and sent for fire tests.

This is the achievement of two enterprises - Yuzhmash has manufactured assemblies and carried out the assemblage according to the design documentation of Yuzhnoye Design Office.

For the first time in the history of Yuzhmash all components and assemblies of LV were manufactured on their own without the involvement of other enterprises. The third stage includes a liquid-propellant rocket engine RD-861K designed to create thrust and for maneuvering.

Fire tests are planned to be held in July-August of the current year. After testing and proving of all assemblies, a specimen of the third stage will be manufactured for the first flight tests. In the future the possibility of installation of the 7000th article as the second stage into Cyclone-4M LV and other new medium-class launchers will be investigated. 


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