The correct quality policy is the company’s key to success

02 of March 2012

In February, there was held a product quality meeting, where the results of 2011 were summarized and plans for 2012 were discussed.

During the 2011 the following results were noted:

-  successful launches of “Zenit -3SLБ” LV with “Electro-L” spacecraft; “Zenit -3SLБ”  with “Specter-R”; “Dnepr” LV with “Sich-2”, two nigerian, two american, one turkish and one italian spacecrafts; “Zenit -3SL” LV with “Atlantic Bird”; “Zenit -3SL”  with “Intelsat-18”;              “Zenit -3SLБ” LV intended to orbit the Russian automatic interplanetary station              “Phobos-Grunt”;

- the product under the program «Taurus II» was manufactured and sent to the customer;

- production has been preparing for development and manufacturing of equipment for experimental-design research and testing of “Cyclone-4” product;

- 10 quality standards of companies were updated, 4 new standards were developed;

- 5 sets of landing gear for the AN-148 aircraft and 2 sets of landing gear for AN-140 were sent to the consumer;

- certification bodies carried out the technical supervision of certified quality management systems in the production of space-rocket  engineering and T2 trolley;

-  three UMZ T2 trolleys were sent to customer;

- there were obtained ukrainian and russian certificates of conformity for the UMZ tractors, which gives the right to sell them.

As a result of the meeting, adopted quality policy and quality management system at the company meet all the requirements of documentation and processes in products manufacture and testing, and consistent quality output.


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