YUZHMASH: 68 years in the space industry

23 of July 2012
On July 21, 1944, 68 years ago, in the south of the former Soviet Union there was laid the foundation of legendary company, now called YUZHMASH.

Throughout the history of the company took place different events: the construction of new workshops, the creation of missiles, reorganizing of production facilities, opening lines for the production of civilian consumer goods. But, despite all the changes, company has remained its core, which was laid at the beginning.

Since gaining independence of Ukraine the company not just has not lost its importance like many other plants but became one of the world leaders in rocketry. By its own example the company creates a positive image of our country.

By participating in well-known international space programs, such as Sea Launch, Land Launch, a joint project of Ukraine and the Republic of Brazil – "Cyclone-4" and others, YUZHMASH has proved to be a reliable partner in the international community.

Today, the State Enterprise "Production Association Yuzhny Machine Building Plant named after A. Makarov" is the only enterprise in Ukraine that can provide a full assembly of launch vehicles. The association has a huge manufacturing and research facility that allows assembling of space technology, as well as testing products for quality and strength.

In recent times the company is actively developing the aviation direction - production of landing gear for aircraft AN-140, AN-148 and AN-158 aircrafts using high-strength titanium alloy. This year, customers were delivered 4 sets, of which: 1 set of AN-140 for Voronezh Aircraft Construction Company (VASO), 3 sets of AN-148 for Aviakor Aviation Plant, Samara. At the end of the year, one more set of AN-158 landing gear will be delivered to Kyiv Aviation Plant "AVIANT".

Employees of YUZHMASH are not indifferent to the monuments of architecture. In workshops of the company there were casted the most famous monuments of Dnepropetrovsk: Petrovski Monument, Gorky Monument, Monument of Eternal Glory, sculpture "Alfred Nobel planet", Chernobyl Bell memorial, statue of Saint John the Baptist.


Recently, UEFA EURO 2012 championship took place in Kyiv. SE "UMZ named after A. Makarov" also contributed to this event by performing a large order on the construction of the Olympic Stadium.

SC "Olympic" was built according to the German project, which make very high demand on quality standards of parts, especially parts of the roof. YUZHMASH is one of the few companies that can fulfill these requirements.

The first order for manufacturing 7000 pieces of details (cable clamp, cable brace has been received to the end of last year. Details are used for fastening and tensioning cabling system of roof of the sports complex, which is based on the stretched cables.

All the details were cast according to special drawings and using individual equipment. Every detail has been tested for mechanical properties in the central laboratory.

In March, 2011 SC "Olympic" rushed a new order for manufacturing of gutters of the roof and for coating of the cantilever struts.

Umbrella-shape cantilever struts are attached to the a cable system and are intended for decoration of the roof of the stadium. Each "umbrella" weighs 1.5 tons. Its perfectly smooth surface is covered with special paint. The customer was delivered 640 pieces.

More than 12 meters of stormwater system was made of stainless steel sheets with thickness of 6 mm. The system has unique design. It was necessary to meet all the requirements and technical characteristics to avoid problems when interfacing at a height of 40 meters.

All matches were played on the stadium at international level. Football players and fans appreciated the design and reliability of the sports complex. Experts of YUZHMASH guarantee long-term exploitation of its products.

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