Was successfully launched rocket "Antares" with spaceship "Cygnus"

14 of July 2014
July 13 at 19:52 Moscow time from the Goddard Space Flight Center on Wallops Island (USA) held the fourth successful launch rocket "Antares". Planned date of the docking "Cygnus" from the International Space Station (ISS) - July 15. Main developer booster - Corporation Orbital Science Corporation (USA). 

The basic construction of the first stage of the "Antares" made ​​"the Southern Machine-Building Plant. AM Makarov ". 

Space freighter "Cygnus" deliver 1657 kg of cargo to the ISS, including 300 kilograms of instruments for scientific experiments. Also on board is 28 nano-satellites of Planet Labs, which will carry out surveys of the Earth from space. 


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