YUZHMASH - 69 Years of History

22 of July 2013

21 July 1944 laid the foundation of the legendary Company YUZHMASH.


Today YUZHMASH is the only company in Ukraine, which fully represents the country at the international level in the space industry. YUZHMASH takes part in major international programs such as: "Sea Launch", "Land Launch", "Dnepr", "Cyclone-4", "Taurus-II "/" Antares ", etc.


In the first halfof the year, the company conducted the following activities:

- Launch of rocket "Zenit-3SL", as a result of the accident which was done a lot of work to improve the Bima (on-board power source);

- Delivery of construction of the first stage of "Taurus-II" / "Antares" and successful test launch of the rocket on April 21;

- Carried out delivery to the Baikonur Cosmodrome of two modified PH "Zenith" (in June), the start of which is scheduled for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2013;

- Now work continuing on the nodes for PH "Cyclone-4";

- Within the framework of previously concluded contracts is the manufacture and supply of landing gear on the aircraft AN-140, 148, 158;

- In the shop of precision casting YUZHMASH cast and delivered to the customer two unique monument of Jesus Christ and Alfred Nobel. Ware CMC made of bronze (copper, silicon and manganese).



Department of Marketing Communications of YUZHMASH

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