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15 of June 2013

Dnepropetrovsk will be decorated with two unique monument this summer that will be made in the shop of precision casting YUZHMASH. A monument to Jesus Christ will be set to Dnipridzerzhinsk and The Alfred Nobel monument placed in Dnepropetrovsk.

Last year, the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Alexander Vilkul asked the Director General of the plant to help Denprodzerhinsk’s and Tsarichanskii diocese in making of the monument of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross. The monument will stand in Dnipridzerzhinsk on a hill symbolizing Calvary.

Together with the cross height of the monument is about eight meters, and the figure of Jesus -  five-meter. It was manufactured in the workshop on sculpture Hrant Khachatryan. The entire production process took two months.

The most difficult part in working with this sculpture was to pick up the pieces.

Assembling of the sculpture was carried out under the personal control of the head of the department - Gennady Vitalievitch Bekeshev. The most responsible and the final operation is trimming, and final preparation of Jesus’s face. This painstaking work involved by leading engineer of the Chief Metallurgist F.A.Maystrenko.



Lead Process Engineer Division Chief Metallurgist

Maystrenko F.A. and foreman precision casting Poultry G.V.

(left to right)


Fyodor Maystrenko and foreman precision casting Gennady V. Poultry - experts in their field and working in close tandem for near forty years. During their work were cast dozens of works of art.

- The assembly can not be giving to anyone, it is a responsible and diligent moment - says G.V.Bekesh. - First, you need to see the idea that laid the sculptor, to convey his idea, and secondly, in the compound of the parts must be logic and common sense. When the connection may emerge errors, and then the sculpture have to cut and assemble again. In our shop assemble sculptures are handled by two people - Fyodor Maystrenko and me. We often advise in the assembly process, we argue, we show each other our point of view. And only when we get together in something the collecting begin. Over the years we have established a tandem.

- Connecting of the parts may be made for a thousand ways, - said the F.A.Maystrenko - but one best way is exist. We found it in one of ours dispute. This is very convenient, so we have been working for nearly forty years, we were just lucky. From the assembly depends the result of a team work, and if the monument is nice to look, then all coped well. Not so long ago on the work of the sculptor Odessa N.Hudoliya we cast a monument to John the Baptist, which is set on the waterfront of the city to the church of St. John the Baptist. It was also a challenging job: John fluttering behind the three-meter cape, shifting the center of gravity. The figure of Jesus demanded accurate study of small details.


Head of the department of precision casting Poultry GV (left)

together with the employees of department


Four years ago due to the request of the University of Economics and Law at YUZHMASH was made the monument "Planet of the Nobel." At the shop of precision casting was made a huge hand, which is now spinning globe with a diameter of three meters and a female figure that symbolize Science.

памятник Планета Альфреда Нобеля

"Alfred Nobel Planet" monument

material - bronze, height - 5 m, weight - 1,5 t.


In the future of the composition near the monument "Alfred Nobel Planet" will be placed a monument to Alfred Nobel.

Work on the monument of Alfred Nobel was performed very fast. Masters of art castings with many years of experience were satisfied with work. The monument is small – a little more than two meters, the sculpture is made by A.Zobenko. Toning the monument was carried out for an ancient bronze. It resembles the ancient monuments such as could be found in a museum. After some time toning will become a little darker, which would give the sculpture more charm. This monument will stand for centuries.

The sculptor was pleased with the look of his work in the metal.


Monument of Alfred Novel


Like the monument of Jesus Christ this monument is also cast in bronze CSM (copper, silicon and manganese), which has anti-corrosion properties.

- We make monuments with this material of, - says head of department. - Experience suggests that artistic works better cast only from CSM. The connection we make with argon welding process for welding a piece of metal is melted, allowing you to tightly fasten parts and connecting joints in such technology is not visible.

- When it comes to the quality, - said Gennady V., - each expert in their place is irreplaceable. The shop has always had a high quality standard. This is also applies to the rocket and space technology, and everything we produce. And even more to casting works of art. Art Casting - this is our hobby. We are happy to take the new projects, because the images which are immortalized in metal - is evidence of the high cultural level of society, which through many years becoming part of the history of the city and the country as a whole.

In conclusion, we can say that the projects of public importance should be assign only to qualified personnel which are not only guarantee a high quality of work, but also invest in a monument piece of warmth.

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