Official report of the accident "Zenit-3SL» was published

13 of June 2013

In April was completed work on the analysis of causes of accidental missile launch vehicle "Zenit-3SL» with the spacecraft Intelsat-27 held on 1 February 2013 in the framework of the "Sea Launch".


As a result of the complex of theoretical and experimental work on the analysis and modeling of the various causes of failure PMI released the conclusion of a joint emergency committee YUZHMASH and CB "South", which indicated that the most likely cause of failure BIM is locked rotor due sporadically occurred (in the manufacturing process of the failed BIM ) combined adverse factors behind the decrease in the critical gaps between the elements of design and BIM caused as a result, their temperature deformation (given in abridged form). This conclusion has been agreed by experts from specialized institutions and enterprises of the rocket and space industry of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.


According to the results of the investigation the "Measures to adjust the design and technological documentation to improve the quality and reliability of the manufacturing PMI" have been developed and implemented which identifies and address the causes of abnormal operation of BIM on all versions considered.


Conclusion and preparatory measures were submitted to the Commission of ELUS Observer investigate the causes of the emergency start-up (FROV), in which also includes representatives of leading operators of satellite services (Іntelsat, Eutelsat, SES) and experts from the rocket and space industry in the U.S.. The Commission agreed that the investigation of the accident was conducted in full and failure mechanism of BIM is installed, as well as the fact that the proper implementation of corrective actions developed will ensure proper operation of the material of the "Zenit-2S» during the flight.


Currently YUZHMASH passed rework and re-test two rocket "Zenit", which were previously returned from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. On these boosters fully implemented as defined above events. The delivery of modified "Zenit" at the launch site is scheduled for June, to perform the implementation of launches in the III and IV quarters of 2013.


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