Successful launch of «Zenit-3SL» at the end of the year 2012

04 of December 2012

On 3rd December at 22:43:55 UTC/GMT +2 «Zenit-3SL» carrier rocket was successfully launched from the floating platform «Odyssey». This is the third launch of «Zenit» rocket by Sea Launch since the year.

The launch vehicle delivered into orbit European satellite EUTELSAT 70B. Eutelsat-70B satellite will be used to support broadband access, mobile communications and video broadcasting in Europe, Africa, Central and South-East Asia.

During the existence of the Sea Launch, from the Pacific Ocean were launched 34 «Zenit-3SL» rockets, produced by YUZHMASH. Next, the 35th launch by Sea Launch is scheduled for January 2013.


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