Zenit-3SL launch vehicle ensures record accuracy of spacecraft placement in the orbit

20 of August 2012

On August 19 the American satellite “Intelsat-21” was launched under the “Sea Launch” project. This launch set a world record in injection accuracy, - pointed Deputy General Designer of Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” Valery Aliyev, who was on board the command ship. According to General Designer of “Energy” Vitaly Lopota, accuracy demonstrated during the launch is unique: the perigee - zero, the inclination - zero, at the apogee - a deviation of a few kilometers.


Mr. Lopota also congratulated the whole project team - 30 thousand people, who have provided the supply of components for the Sea Launch and Ukrainian partner YUZHMASH, which produces Zenit launch vehicles.




Launches of Zenit-3SL carrier rocket are conducted by the international consortium “Sea Launch”, founded in 1995.


To date, the consortium carried out 32 launches of Zenit-3SL from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean.


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