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The USSR State Defense Committee adopted the resolution on building a car plant in Dnipropetrovsk.

The company was founded on July, 21.

Its long history reflects the way of the world astronautics: from the creation of strategic missile complexes to the spacecraft created on the basis of missiles for peaceful exploration of outer space.

Construction of primary DAZ departments: landing gear workshop, repair dept. and forging foundry.

On November, 7 the first DAZ-150 car passed through the streets of Dnepropetrovsk

July-September: tests of the first two floating cars DAZ-485 on Dnepr river.

Commencement of mass production of strategic missiles.
On May, 10 the Minister of the Armed Forces of the USSR D. Ustinov signed an order on assignment Dnepropetrovsk machine building plant № 586.

Produced the first batch of liquid propellant engines for anti-aircraft missiles. Conducted the first tests of the engine.

Commencement of design and research work on the creation of the launch vehicle to carry out satellites.

Produced 100000th tractor.

The unified land launch rocket was firstly launched from Baikonur cosmodrome.

Cosmos launch vehicle orbited the first Dnipropetrovsk satellite DS-2.

Space research co-operation agreement was signed with France.

Plant № 586 was renamed Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant (UMZ).

In Moscow, representatives from 9 countries signed Agreement on international co-operation on the exploration and peaceful use of outer space ("Interkosmos").

The spacecraft "Oreol 1" designed in collaboration with the French space center was launched. The satellite was designed to study the upper atmosphere and auroras polaris nature.

Tractor UMZ-6L/6M recognized as the best car of 1971.

National Certification Commission awarded UMZ-6L/6M tractor Quality mark.

1 000 000th tractor came off the production line.

Finished flight testing of 11K68 launch vehicle ("Cyclone-3").

PA UMZ was named after Leonid Brezhnev.

For the first time in the world the company implemented the technology of contact-butt welding of shells.

The spacecraft "Kosmos-1500" ("Ocean-01") was launched. This spacecraft withdrew ships convoy from the captivity of ice in the De Long Strait.

The industry's largest main assembly hall of "Zenit" LV was set in operation.

1 500 000th tractor came off the production line.

Launched "Buran" spacecraft on "Energia" rocket.

The company has begun work on development wind power mills.

Из названия производственного объединения ЮМЗ исключено имя Л.И.Брежнева.

UMZ consist of three plants: rocket and space plant, UTON (production of consumer goods) and tractor plant.

Produced the first commercial windmill AVE-100/250.

Started production of two-section trolley UMZ T-1.

Pavlograd Mechanical Plant began exploitation of windmill AVE-250C.

The first experimental single-section trolleybus UMZ T-2 was manufactured.

"Cyclone" launch vehicle successfully put into orbit "Meteor-3" spacecraft, which simultaneously implements three international programs.

The USA, Russia, Ukraine and Norway signed the Agreement on production and launch of "Zenit" space vehicles under the "Sea Launch" Program.

"Zenit-3SL" carrier rocket with U.S. satellite on board was successfully launched from a mobile sea platform in the Pacific Ocean.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued the Resolution №1407 dated September 9, 2000 on assignment the name of A. Makarova to Production Association.

Launch vehicle "Dnepr" was successfully launched with 5 foreign satellites on board.

"Zenit" rocket was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome with the Russian spacecraft "Yenisei".

Manufacturing of new generation of satellites – microsatellites was started.

The highest quality of YUZHMASH’s products – landing gears for AN-140, space vehicles "Cyclone-2", "Zenith-3SL" and "Dnepr-M" was awarded four Honor Diplomas and the Golden Mark "The best Ukrainian goods of the year".

YUZHMASH was awarded a prestigious international Quality Gold Prize, as a leader of the aerospace industry of Ukraine.

YUZHMASH participated in two international air shows: "Le Bourget 2007" (France) and "MAKS-2007" (Russia).

YUZHMASH carried out rebranding campaign. Company’s new logo was designed and patented.

"Zenit-3SLБ" was firstly launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome under the program "Land Launch".

A framework agreement on cooperation in design of "Taurus II" LV was signed with "Orbital" company (USA).

For the end of the year five LVs "Zenit-3SL" have been launched. It is maximum amount since the project's start.

For the first time the company became a participant of air show "ILA-2008" (Germany).

YUZHMASH’s new website was opened.

First deputy general director S. Voit, chief technologist V. Turov, head of general assembly department V.Denisov were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology in 2009 for creation of three-stage LV "Zenit-3SL" under the "Sea Launch" program.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the program № 491 dated 10.04.2009 on reforming and development of the State Enterprise "Production Association Yuzhn Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov".

The main assembly department produced the 100th rocket and space product.

International Astronautical Federation has awarded YUZHMASH Diploma for achieving the greatest success and breakthroughs in the development of rocket and space technology.

YUZHMASH launch vehicles took fourth place in the world by the total number of rockets launched into space in 2009.

The first Ukrainian satellite of a new generation "Sich-2" is tested.

The assembly of the basic construction of the first stage of launch vehicle "Taurus-II" was completed. The first product has been sent successfully to the Wollaps spaceport in the US.

Under the Ukrainian-Brazilian project “Cyclone-4 there was laid the first stone into the foundation of the launch complex.

In November, an agreement was signed on manufacturing of 10 "Zenit-3SL" launch vehicles.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia blessed the beginning of construction of Church of the Resurrection of Christ in the factory.

On September 12th there comes 105 years since the birth of Alexander M. Makarov- the legendary director of YUZHMASH.

'Zenit-3Ф" launch vehicle was launched for the first time under the Federal Space Program of Russia from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of independence of Ukraine a new Ukrainian satellite MC-2-8 (Sich-2) was firstly launched under the Dnepr project.

The space-rocket complex "Sea Launch" resumed its work after three year break.

"Energia Logistics L.L.C." (Russia) sent the Letter of thanks to YUZHMASH for technically brilliant launches of "Zenit" launch vehicle, Atlantic Bird-7 and Intelsat 18 satellites.

On October 25 there comes 100th anniversary of the birth of great designer of rocket and space technology Mikhail Yangel.

Workers of the transport department set up a monument to GAZ-51A car at YUZHMASH.

Performed extensive work on aircraft missile direction:

- In the framework of the "Sea Launch" produced three successful launches;

- Delivered 9 sets of landing gear to the aircraft AN-140, AN-148 and AN-158, from where: 3 sets of AN-140 passed the Samara aviation plant "Aviacor", 6 sets of AN-148 transferred to Voronezh Aircraft Society (VASO).

Thirteenth of February from Kourou (French Guiana) was produced the first launch of the carrier rocket "Vega", an important part of which is fourth liquid rocket engine (CFR) RD- 843 production YUZHMASH.

Tenth September 2012 YUZHMASH visited by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

In December, after the reconstruction started a brand new company's website.

February the first failure to start the program "Sea Launch".

Seventeenth of May in the grand event dedicated to the Day of Science, Company employees were awarded state awards for achievements in June YUZHMASH took part in the jubilee 50th International Aviation Space Show Paris Air Show 2013.

From August 27 to September 1, 2013 YUZHMASH participated in the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS- 2013.

Nineteenth of September, the first successful launch of a rocket "Antares" with cargo spaceship "Cygnus".

Received a letter from the Company "Orbital" (USA) for his dedication work, dedication and perseverance shown during the program "Antares". 

October, 16 was inaugurated only in Ukraine monument to Alfred Nobel. The sculpture was cast on YUZHMASH.

In December 2013 The State Enterprise "Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A. M. Makarov" was awarded Gratitude city head for an honest and fruitful work, high professionalism, active participate in the development of marketing and investment strategy of the city Dnepropetrovsk, significant contribution to the Ukrainian-Canadian project "Local Economic development of cities in Ukraine."

For the current year was made three starts: two launches rocket " Dnepr" with the launch base "Clear", and launc rocket "Zenit -3SLБ" on program "Land Launch" from Baikonur.

In May, the governor of Dnipropetrovsk Igor Kolomoisky and general director of YUZHMASH Sergei Voyt signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. From now on, RSA will protect and defend the interests of YUZHMASH at all levels of government, to provide support in the search for investors in Ukraine and abroad, will promote the company's products in the global market.

Thirteenth  May YUZHMASH visited a delegation of European experts in the direction of the Twinning Project "Support to short-term experts on finding partners and preparing proposals for competitions on the programm "Horizont - 2020".

Twenty-first of July - YUZHMASH 70 years old.

YUZHMASH participated in three international exhibitions:
- May 2014 - XI MAKS ILA-2014 (Berlin, Germany, the airport Berlin-Schoenefeld).
- June 2014 - XXVI International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2014" (Kiev).
- September 2014 - International Aerospace Exhibition "AVIASVIT - XXI" (Kiev).

Twenty-first of October 2014 during a working visit to Dnipropetrovsk region the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited YUZHMASH.

For the current year was made seven starts; two launch rocket "Dnepr" with a launch base "Yasny" launch vehicle "Zenit-3SL" as part of the project "Sea Launch", 3 launch rocket "Antares", one of the which failed and launch rocket "Vega" from Kourou.

"The policy of quality of the State Enterprise "Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov" was developed and approved in the edition of 2015.

The Certification Centre of the rocket and space equipment "Kharkov agency of the general customer SSAU" carried out an inspection and evaluation of the quality management system in the production and operation of rocket and space technology. Issued by the certificate for quality management system № UA UkrSS CT 09.090.00021.15, which is valid until July 9, 2020.

From "Zaporizhzhya NPP" was got a solution № РШ-Н.021.036-15 about the approval of the State Enterprise "Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov" as a service provider for the nuclear power.

In the autumn the plant resumed production of the electric transport. Highly qualified specialists of the YUZHMASH provide major node assembly of the trolleybuses for the Trading house "Litan". Manufactured in accordance with the concluded contract products are intended for Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye - 10 and 6 machines, respectively.
November 20, the NASA delegation, accompanied by the SSAU Chairman Lubomyr Sabadosh visited the Yuzhmash. The representatives of the US space agency familiarized with the production capacity and capabilities of the enterprises for create space rocket technology, and discussed with the Ukrainian side the prospects of joint space projects.

This year YUZHMASH participated in five exhibitions:

-         February 2015 - The 12th International Exhibition of Weapons IDEX-2015 (United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi).
-         June 2015 - the 51 th International Aerospace Show "Le Bourget" (France, Paris).
-         June 2015 - XXVII International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2015" (Kiev, Ukraine).
-         October 2015 - National Exhibition "AgroExpo-2015" (Ukraine, Kirovohrad).
-         November 2015 - XII International Industrial Forum (Kiev, Ukraine).

During 2015 it was carried out four starts: one launch of the carrier rocket "Dnepr" from the launch base "Yasniy", two starts of the carrier rocket "Vega" from the cosmodrome Kourou, and also the launch of the carrier rocket "Zenit-3SL" within the project "Land Launch".


In 2016, was carried out three launches of the launch vehicles (LV): one launch of LV "Antares" from Wallops island (Virginia, USA), and two launches LV "Vega" from Kourou (French Guiana).

In May YUZHMASH took second place in the ranking of the most innovative companies of Ukraine according to the magazine Forbes Ukraine.

During the year, the company actively has founded a new partnerships from the South-East Asia: in mid-May, specialists of State Enterprise «Production Association Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A.M. Makarov» (YUZHMASH) headed by General Director             Voyt S. M. carried out a number of meetings with representatives of enterprises of                   the People's Republic of China and South Korea.

June 2 Pavlograd Mechanical Plant celebrated its 85th anniversary since its foundation.

June – the employees of the enterprise were awarded of the State Prize "For contributions in the field of science and technology," the chief engineer Dyukov V. and the Deputy Director General for the production and testing of liquid rocket engines Lebedev O.

According to the contract signed with the Korea Aerospace Research Institute, now been made and sent to the customer the batch of the spherical high-pressure containers.

In early December, under the contract with NASA two basic constructions of the first stage (BCFS) carrier rocket "Antares" were shipped to the launch site.

In cooperation with the European Space Agency the  experts of the YUZHMASH made four sustainer engines for the fourth stage of the LV "Vega", three of which were sent to the customer, and one is on the firing tests.

YUZHMASH took part in four international exhibitions:

-          June 2016 - XII International Aviation and Space Salon «ILA Berlin Air Show - 2016", Berlin, Germany);

-          June 2016 - XXIX International Agricultural Exhibition "AGRO-2016" (Kiev, Ukraine);

-          October 2016 g.- Aerospace International Exhibition "AVIASVIT - XXI" (Kiev, Ukraine);

-          November 2016 - XIII International Industrial Forum (Kiev, Ukraine).

YUZHMASH this year has visited a number of delegations: Space Agency of the Republic of Poland, representatives of the US Embassy, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, who got acquainted with the production capacity and capabilities of the enterprise to create space engineering, and discussed with the Ukrainian side the prospects of joint space projects.


Yuzhmash’s participation in international cooperation in 2017 resulted in three launches under the program “Vega”, one launch on the project “Antares” and one launch of LV “Zenit” from Baikonur space launching site under the program “Land launch”. All launches are successful.

In April Yuzhmash signed the contract with S7 Sea Launch Limited for manufacturing of 12 launch vehicles “Zenit”.

A next contract was concluded on “Vega” program for manufacturing of 20 blocks of sustainer for stage IV.

A contract with Indian company ISRO was signed until 2019. Under this contract fire tests of Indian liquid rocket engines will be carried out at production and testing facilities of Yuzhmash.

In the second quarterKharkiv representation of SSAU customer’s office carried out the technical supervision of certification quality management system of Yuzhmash concerning production, operation of rocket and space technology. Resultsarepositive.


-  XXX International agroindustrial trade fair “Agro – 2017”, Ukraine, Kyiv, June 07-10, 2017;

- The 52nd International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, France, Paris, June 19 – 25, 2017.

In September 2017 for the first time the enterprise took a part in Festival of Innovations “Interpipe TechFesт” that was held in Dnipro thereby actualizing its positive positioning in home town.

On the fourth of October it was 60 years since the Space era began. It is an important date in history of the enterprise. Yuzhmash, as well as many Ukrainian enterprises, took a part in manufacturing of instrumentation for launch vehicle and of ground facilities for launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.  

In autumn the staff of department of marketing communications held a special Art contest among the children of the personnel of the enterprise resulted in issue of limited souvenir products called “Kids Art – 2018”. Children of different ages from 4 to 15 years participated in the contest.

In 2017 a range of delegations visited the enterprise to familiarize with opportunities of the plant, among them were: representatives of the U.S. Embassy, Embassy and Consulate of Argentina, Embassy of Brazil, labor unions of Sweden and Denmark and Embassy of Canada, Embassy and national service of Foreign Intelligence of Republic of Korea.


YUZHMASH continues working in rocket-space direction and fulfills works on current international projects, Sea Launch, Antares and Vega in time and on qualitative level.  

YUZHMASH’s participation in the international cooperation in 2018 resulted in four successful launches: two launches within Antares program and two launches within Vega program.

The quality management system with regard to manufacturing of rocket space hardware was certificated by Kharkiv Certification center of DRSC-SSAU for the compliance with the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2015.  

Confirmation of certificate validation No 70/10366 as of June 03, 2015 was obtained about approval of SE “PA UMZ named after A.M. Makarov” as an assigned contractor of OJSC Aviakor – aviation plant. 


Enterprise facilities are being constantly modernized thus 960 changes of technological processes were developed, agreed and carried out during 2018. Specialists have developed 4,241 control programs for CNC machines for the production of new parts and assemblies.

Regarding aviation direction the enterprise has manufactured a set of landing gears for AN-148 aircraft.

During 2018 forty-six tractors of UMZ trademark of a new model UMZ-10264Н were manufactured.  

During a year YUZHMASH successfully participated in specialized exhibitions on rocket-space and civil directions:  

-       International Aerospace exhibition “ILA Berlin Air Show – 2018”, Germany, Berlin, 25-29 April 2018;

-       XXX International Agro-Industrial exhibition “AGRO-2018”, Ukraine, Kyiv, 06-09 June 2018.

-       Festival of innovations Interpipe TechFest, Ukraine, Dnipro, 15–16 September, 2018;

-       The 11th International Aviation and Space exhibition “AVIASVIT-XXI”, Ukraine, Kyiv, 09-12 October, 2018.

-       International specialized exhibition “Weapon and Safety -2018”, Ukraine, Kyiv, 09-12 October 2018.


In autumn 2018 the delegation of the enterprise for the first time took part in a large-scale exhibition of import goods and services “China International Import Expo” held in Shanghai. The event was held on initiative ofthe leader of People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping. The exhibition was conducted by Ministry of Commerce of PRC and government of Shanghai with the assistance of the World Trade Organization and theUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization.  

In November representatives of YUZHMASH took part in the International Industrial Forum held in Kyiv in the International Exhibition Centre.

For positioning of the enterprise in social network an official profile was created on Facebook. The quantity of subscribers is being constantly increased that tells about interest of social network users of different ages in the activity of the enterprise.

The enterprise performs systematical work on professional training, retraining and advanced training of personnel. A specialized course on “Crisis management, economics, organization and management in crisis conditions” for top-managers of the enterprise was conducted together with the Alfred Nobel International University. By the results of training the certificates aboutadvanced training were handed out to trainees. 

During 2018 the range of foreign delegations visited the enterprise, including the representatives of National Space Research Agency of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Poland Space Agency, Embassy and National Service of Foreign Intelligence of the Republic of Korea, delegation of leaders of the City of Dalian (People's Republic of China) at al. Representatives of foreign companies familiarized with the interest with YUZHMASH’s facilities.